Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Pottukadalai / Gram Flour Muruku

Muruku, a very popular south indian snack, is the one that comes in various shapes, flavor, tastes and sizes. One of the most easily customizable snack it is.

Typically in mixtures, we find the famous 'oma podi' variety added. But, I chose to make Gram Flour muruku but as thin as oma podi.


  • Gram Flour / Pottukadalai maavu    - 3/4 cup (made out of fresh fried gram dhal /pottukadalai)
  • Rice Flour                                         - 1.5 cups (I used ready made rice flour)
  • Uradh dhal / muzhu uzhundu **      - 1/2 cup 
  • Cumin Seeds                                     - 1 tspn
  • Melted ghee / butter                          - 2 tbspn
  • Salt                                                    - to taste
  • Asafoetida/ Hing                              - a pinch
  • Oil                                                     - To fry
  1. In a kadai, dry fry uradh dhal to light brown color. Remove to a plate to cool
  2. In the same kadai, dry fry the gram dhal till golden color. Remove to a plate to cool
  3. Powder them separately and sieve them.
  4. Sieve the rice flour. 
  5. Mix all three flours together. To this, add salt and cumin, and the melted butter / ghee/ oil. Mix it well to ensure no lumps. Use water to knead it to a dough like you make for rotis (should be neither very hard nor watery)
  6. Cover it with a wet cloth and allow it to rest for 15 mts
  7. In a kadai, add oil and allow it to heat up. On a medium flame make the murukus. 
To make the muruku, we use muruku maker or the idiyapam maker. This comes with multiple plates with different types of holes, which will decide the thickness of the muruku when squeezed. Choose the plate based on the thickness you desire. For mixture, we will make them thinner.

  • ** I used uradh dal this time but we can make this muruku without uradh dal. 
  • I made mixture in two batches. For one of it, I made muruku using besan / kadalai maavu. On the second day, I made this pottukadalai version as this is more healthier. 
  • Recipe courtesy are those blogs that I walk into, thanks to Google Search :) Tx to all those bloggers from whom I learn virtually. Ofcourse, I customize it to a great extent but still thanks for sharing your preparations.

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