Monday, November 17, 2014

Vegetable Stew : The Kerala Way

Our God's own country not only is a treat to our eyes and soul, but also to our taste budzz both for Veggies and Non-Veggies. What a variety, range of dishes to choose from!

One such simple to make, easy to digest, and divine to taste dish is "Vegetable Stew". We can customize it the way you want but what am sharing here is one that you can cook and serve in a jiffy. The "goodness" is that it is more of boiled preparation and therefore use of no or very less oil.

This one is from my "partner in crime", chef @ Sangeeta Gopakumar who learnt it from her mom. So, purely authentic :))

Vegetable Stew : Kerala's Style for your Taste Buzz!

  • Potatoes                       - 4 medium BOILED and PEELED
  • Big Onions                  - 1 sliced thinly length-wise 
  • Green Chilies             - 2-4 slit (as spicy as you like it)
  • Ginger                         - 1-2" sliced thinly length-wise
  • Curry Leaves              - to garnish 
  • Salt                             - To taste
  • Coconut Milk (Thick)- 1/2 cup : First ground with a glass of water and extracted
  • Coconut Milk (Thin)  - 1 cup : After taking the thick extract, you can add more water and grind
  • Oil                               - 1 tspn of refined and 1 tsp of coconut
Alternatively, you can use Readily available Coconut Milk or just grind it once with enough water to get 1.5 cups of coconut milk.

  1. Boil and peel the potatoes. 
  2. Slice onion, ginger length-wise into thin slices (very thin)
  3. Slit the green chilies
  4. In a pan, add refined oil. As it heats, add onion. Allow them to just turn transparent (should not be deep fried).  
  5. Add the ginger slices, chilies, and water to allow the onion to cook.
  6. As the onion cooks (note the color change), add the potatoes. Break them nicely, add salt, curry leaves and the thin coconut milk. Allow it to cook well (5 mts if only potatoes. If more veggies, then 10 mts)
  7. After it cooks, add the thick coconut milk. To this add the curry leaves and allow it to cook for 3 mts max. 
  8. Add the coconut oil, and remove from fire
This can be served with Idlis, Aapam and ofcourse I like to have it with dosas along with the gun powder :) 

  • You can add vegetables like Carrot, Beans, Peas etc to this. Just slice them thinly, of the same shape and size and either pre-boil them or allow to cook along with the onion.
  • You will find variations to this where they use some basic Masalas