Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Crispy Puff alias Pastry

One of the famous, preferred and favorite snacks in many parts of India is the hot pastry alias puff with different stuffing including vegetables or non veg choices. A hot puff along with a hot cup of tea is a bliss especially during rainy and / or winter season :)

Me and Sangee (my partner in all my kitchen attempts) wanted to try and make these crispy puffs in our kitchen using the OTG. It's been on our "To Experiment" list for long which we tested some time ago. The results, I would say, was a hands-down win-win because our darling little princess loved it and so did we.

We zeroed in on 'Vah Chef's' recipe (IPR of his) when we decided to test this out. Believe me, his video is definitely a novice-guide. You just need to follow him step by step to get yummy puffs. So, am not going to repeat the procedure here but share the video of his which we followed with little customization of ours:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x9sE0cisM58 -- Copy Paste this link to view the video.
[Thanks Chef, it was really easy to follow and puffs were yummy / tummy.]

Be prepared to put in a bit of effort because it requires that to make these puff sheets. Once the sheets are ready, you can go ahead and make the pastry with a stuffing of your choice. We tried Vegetarian stuffing using readily available vegetables such as potatoes etc.

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