Friday, August 24, 2012

Sri's Kitchen : A Warm Welcome

A few months ago:
I always look for a change to break the monotony in life. Blogging, my recent venture, is the apt broad platform for me to bring about a small change; it helps me think, identify my talents & interests, write, share & obtain thoughts / ideas on varied topics. One such recent discovery is that 'Cookery' is one of my interest areas... Hold on, I don't mean am a great cook but ya I'm a decent one and I love cooking... who knows if & when it turns into my passion! This is my first step to share my attempts, ideas, triumphs, tragedies : directly from Sri's kitchen!

It was end of 2011 when I added 'Sri's Kitchen' as a page to my blog (Thru my eyes). Though I've blogged only handful of recipes on that page, during this time period I have been honing my cooking skills. Now its apt for me to start a separate 'Cooking blog' to be able to share more of my learnings exclusively in this arena. 'Cooking' too is like an ocean and one blog may not suffice... nevertheless this is a starting point.

My special thanks, rather loads of love, for each one who enhance my skills constantly and also to those who don't hesitate to be my Test Beds ;)

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